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Fall 2023 Popular Science
How the world’s biggest particle accelerator is racing to cook up plasma from after the big bang

230927 Popular Science
Does antimatter fall down or up? We now have a definitive answer.

230903 IEEE Spectrum
Cracking the Puzzle of Serpentine Motion

230728 Scientific American
AI-Generated Data Can Poison Future AI Models

230504 Inverse
A Strange 1950s Technology Could Finally Bring Fusion Energy to the Grid

221011 Nature
Smashing success: humanity has diverted an asteroid for the first time

New space arms race could hinder exploration efforts

200925 Physics Today
Synchrotrons face a data deluge

200430 Gizmodo
The scientists who won't give up on the warp drive

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231008 Oldest radio burst ever found could tell us what exists between galaxies

231008 We can predict solar eclipses to the second. Here’s how.

230922 Nature generates more data than the internet … for now

230907 The Tonga volcanic eruption reshaped the seafloor in mind-boggling ways

230824 Mini jets of energy could power the sun’s violent winds

230813 How a US lab created energy with fusion—again

230730 Space junk is a precious treasure trove to some archaeologists

230629 The Milky Way’s ghostly neutrinos have finally been found

230602 Physicists take first-ever X-rays of single atoms

230504 The epic journey of dust in the wind often ends with happy plankton

230419 Ancient Maya masons had a smart way to make plaster stronger

230414 How the Tonga eruption rang Earth ‘like a bell’

230317 Venus could still be spewing lava, and scientists are hellbent on proving it

230314 DART left an asteroid crime scene. This mission is on deck to investigate it.

230303 People may have been riding horses as early as 5,000 years ago.

230208 Moondust could chill out our overheated Earth, some scientists predict

230126 Earth’s natural air-scrubbing system works better when it’s wetter

230113 Physicists figured out a recipe to make titanium stardust on Earth

221231 Time doesn’t have to be exact — here’s why

221213 What the Energy Department’s laser breakthrough means for nuclear fusion

221123 Astronomers now know how supermassive black holes blast us with energy

221116 Two meteorite mysteries are helping astronomers investigate the origins of life

221111 Magnets might be the future of nuclear fusion

221014 Geologists are searching for when the Earth took its first breath

221006 How researchers leveled up worm silk to be tougher than a spider’s

220915 Farmers accidentally created a flood-resistant ‘machine’ across Bangladesh

220818 Blind scientists adapted a centuries-old art to make data that can be touched and seen

220808 It’s pretty hard to measure nothing, but these engineers are getting close

220519 Deep-sea internet cables could help sense distant earthquake rumbles

220217 The most precise atomic clocks ever are proving Einstein right — again

220117 How the world’s first ‘quantum tornadoes’ came to be

220110 Ancient rocks hold the story of Earth’s first breath of oxygen

210813 What the heck is a time crystal, and why are physicists obsessed with them?

210503 We could live in caves on the moon. What would that be like?

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231003 How Researchers Use Nvidia’s GPUs to Simulate Qubits

230926 The World’s Most Powerful X-ray Laser Lights Up

230901 African Hydropower Confronts Cheap Solar and Wind

230414 U.S. Senate Weighs Big Plans for Small Reactors

230115 The Future of Fission Reactors May Be Small

221121 The U.S.-China Chip Ban, Explained

221003 The World’s Largest Camera Is Nearly Complete

220926 Converting Coal Power Plants to Nuclear Gains Steam

220903 Will an EV-Filled World Pass the Sulfuric-Acid Test?

220509 The Dutch Tax Authority Was Felled by AI — What Comes Next?

220309 Ethiopian Dam Generates Power, but What’s Next?

220211 Is Europe’s Nuclear Phaseout Starting to Phase Out?

210208 NIST Develops Compact Laser-Cooled Atom Trap

210122 Three Frosty Innovations for Better Quantum Computers

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230928 The Rocket That Could Humans To Mars Has Been 50 Years in the Making

230909 Scientists Debunk the Most Advanced Space Tech We’ve Ever Seen in Star Wars

230112 Half the World Cooks With Toxic Solid Fuels — But That Could Change

221025 Deepfakes could get super advanced (and weird) thanks to these breakthroughs

221013 Future Moon cities could look like bouncy houses

220630 The Large Hadron Collider restarts next week — here's what it's hunting for

220616 China's search for alien life turns up something suspicious — but there's a catch

220322 Inside the FBI's secret Einstein file: Flying saucers and Soviet conspiracies